Program and Agenda

Videos and Power Point Slides

Welcome Remarks

Todd Talarico, President, APS Type 1 Foundation

Advances in the Management of Hypoparathyroidism

Dr. Karen Winer

Managing Type 1 Diabetes in APS Type 1

Dr. Alessandra Fierabracci
Dr. Mark Anderson

Diagnosis & Chronic Management of Adrenal Insufficiency In APS Type 1

Dr. Richard J. Auchus

Staying Well and Avoiding Adrenal Crisis: The Pediatric Perspective

Dr. Cheri Deal

Addison’s Disease Diagnosis & Acute Treatment

Dr. Olle Kämpe

Adrenal Insufficiency: Questions and Answers

Dr. Cheri Deal
Dr. Olle Kämpe
Dr. Richard J. Auchus

Managing Your Mental Health with APS Type 1

Dr. Maryland Pao

Recent Developments Regarding Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

Dr. Olle Kämpe

Panel Discussion on the Future Work of The APS Type 1 Foundation

Discussion Moderated by:
Todd Talarico
Robin Finch
Julia Richardson