Introduction to APS Type 1

Dr. Andrew Lane

Keynote Address: APECED in 2017: Current Developments and Future Prospects

Dr. Michail Lionakis

Navigating the U.S. School System

Mr. Brian Dwyer, Ms. Nancy Wilson and Mr. David Seyfert

Fertility Preservation in APS Type 1 Patients

Dr. Suneeta Senapati & Dr. Justine Witzke

Responding to Emergencies: Adrenal Insufficiency and Low Calcium

Mr. Todd Talarico, Dr. Olle Kämpe, Dr. Cheri Deal & Dr. Richard Auchus

Managing Eye Care in APS Type 1

Mr. David Seyfert & Dr. Asim Ali

Let’s Talk About Registries

Ms. Robin Finch

What Type 1 Diabetes Can Learn from APS Type 1

Dr. Mark Anderson

How to Find the Undiagnosed APS Type 1 Patient

Dr. Mark Anderson, Dr. Eystein Husebye, Dr. Olle Kämpe & Dr. Michail Lionakis

Current Thymus Research

Dr. Louise Markert, Dr. Audrey Parent

Immunosuppression: When, Why and How?

Ms. Susan Livingstone, Dr. Michail Lionakis

The Broader Implications of APS Type 1 Research

Dr. Bill Robinson, Dr. Eystein Husebye, Dr. Adrian Hayday, & Dr.Christina Hertel