Meet Our New Executive Director

Svetlana Hutfles

Svetlana Hutfles


Thanks to the generosity of our dedicated donors and supporters, we are proud to announce that we hired our inaugural Executive Director, Svetlana Hutfles. Having dedicated her career to community philanthropy, Svetlana is a strategic leader with a proven track record in driving organizational growth and impact across regional, national, and international landscapes.

As our first-ever Executive Director, Svetlana will lead our foundation to new heights by expanding awareness, driving research initiatives, further building our community, finding our patients, and providing vital support services to individuals living with APS Type 1 and their families. With her leadership, we are confident in our ability to make significant strides towards our mission.

Meet the Board


President and Chair of the

Todd S. Talarico, the Foundation’s President, Chair of the Board and Co-Founder, works in the pharmaceutical industry, focused on product and patient market access. Todd holds a BS from Bloomsburg University, PA, and a MS in Healthcare Management from the College of Saint Elizabeth, NJ. Since his daughter was diagnosed with APS Type 1 in 2006, Todd has worked tirelessly to develop the Foundation by raising awareness of the disease, working with the NIH and fundraising for research.

Jennifer Orange

Vice-President and Board

Dr. Jennifer Orange, the mother of a fabulous girl with APS Type 1/APECED, is Vice-President and Member of the Board. She was the Co-director of the First International Symposium on APS Type 1 in 2015 in Toronto and has developed the program for each symposium. She is passionate about advancing research in APS Type 1 and together with her family and friends she has raised over $100,000 for APS Type 1 research. A law professor and human rights adjudicator with a doctorate in law from the University of Toronto, she has also served on the Board of Patients Canada and the Gerstein Crisis Centre.


Treasurer and Board

Sherri Seyfert, Treasurer and Co-Founder of the APS Type 1 Foundation, Inc., is the mother of two exceptional boys, Matthew (APS Type 1) and Jonathan. Sherri holds a BS from Stony Brook University and is a Licensed Physical Therapist. Through her persistent efforts the foundation obtained its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in 2014. In 2017, the Seyfert family hosted the 2nd International APS Type 1 Symposium at Stony Brook, NY.


Secretary and Board

Robin Finch is a Board member and Secretary of the Foundation and the mother of fifteen year-old, Samantha, with APS Type 1/APECED. Robin fundraises for the foundation through her family’s “Slam Dunks for Sam” community basketball events.  She and her husband, Brent, will be hosting a benefit concert in February 2024 (details to come). She spearheaded the creation of our registry and hopes to develop a bio-bank. Robin practices real estate law at Greenberg Glusker in Los Angeles, California, and holds a JD from UC Davis.



David Seyfert, is the father of Matthew, an Eagle Scout who is matriculating at Stony Brook University. Matt was diagnosed with APS Type 1 at age 6. David holds masters degrees in Special Education and Orientation and Mobility and has worked with students with visual impairments for over 35 years. David and his wife, Sherri, ran the APS Type 1 Basket raffle to raise money for research for 10 years.



Dr. Pushpa Rao is the proud mom of three children, two daughters, Amrita and Neisha, and a son, Rajiv. Both Amrita and Neisha were diagnosed with APS Type 1 in 1992.  It is to honor their lives and memory that she joins the board to help support research, outreach and patient support. Pushpa is a Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology and Head of Global Regulatory Affairs and Product Safety at a privately held company in New York.



Dr. Laura Rivard is a Teaching Professor and Outreach Coordinator for the Sciences at the University of San Diego. Her work in the Biology Department over the last 20 years has focused on genetics, leading to an interest in the ethical issues surrounding the rapidly advancing field. Her current efforts also include creating community engagement events and K-12 curricula to boost science literacy and interest and achieve more diversity in STEM fields. Dr. Rivard earned a B.S. in Biology from UCLA and a Ph.D. from UC San Diego based on her research in molecular neurobiology.  She joined the APS Type 1 Foundation Board in support of her remarkable niece, Samantha Finch. 



Julia Richardson is an adult with APS Type 1, wife to Roscoe Richardson, and mother of two children, Micah (14) and Hope (10) Richardson. She was diagnosed in 2002, at age 22, but manifested many disease components prior to diagnosis. She is excited to support the efforts of the APS Type 1 Foundation to raise awareness of the disease and promote fundraising for research to better understand autoimmunity and more effectively treat this population of patients. Julia holds a master’s degree in Medical Nutrition Therapy from The Ohio State University and is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She has worked as a research coordinator and lecturer at The Ohio State University and is passionate about research and advocacy for those with rare disorders. Currently, she homeschools her children and manages her home and health.

APS Type 1 Foundation – Annual Board Meeting, Royal Canadian Military Institute, Toronto, ON (Oct 2022)