The Finch Family invites you to celebrate Brent’s 50th birthday and help find a cure for APS Type 1. Please join us on Saturday, February 17, 2024, at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA, as we welcome Surreal Neil and Super Diamond.

Where it began, I can’t begin to knowing. But that I know it’s growing strong.

Neil Diamond (Sweet Caroline)

About this Event (from Brent)

Contemplating turning 50 is bittersweet. These first 50 years have been equally full of exciting milestones and difficult challenges. We are hosting this event not only to celebrate these good times that have never seemed so good, but to rally support for an important cause in our amazing community of friends, family, and colleagues to help those in our APS Type 1 community–and to move forward to a cure. We can think of no better way to celebrate with you all than with the iconic music of an American legend performed by the brilliant Surreal Neil and Super Diamond (and perhaps a few drinks).

For over 30 years, Super Diamond has dazzled sell out crowds across the country to remind us all–and not just those of us over 50–that Neil Diamond Rocks! And we can think of no better place to host this party than the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, our forever home town. We are thrilled that Super Diamond will be performing its first ever show in Agoura Hills just for us.

Read about Sam’s Journey

As many of you know and have supported with us over these years, our 16-year old daughter, Samantha, was born with APS Type 1, which is an ultra-rare, genetic, autoimmune disease (only approximately 200 people are known to have this disorder in the U.S.). This complicated disease causes many physical, mental, and emotional challenges, which Samantha and many others in our APS Type 1 community face with courage, bravery and resilience each day. Thankfully, much progress has been made, but we have so much more work to do–and we need your help.

We encourage you to read more about Samantha’s personal journey on our Samantha’s Something website. To read more about the great work that the APS Type 1 Foundation is doing, click here. Samantha continues to amaze us all with how she manages this disease. She recently got her driver’s license, she works at a pizza restaurant, she plays varsity high school basketball, she volunteers, she loves her puppy Kokomo, and she continues to excel in the classroom. Her current dream is to become a nurse so she can help others. But none of this comes easy for her, and there are no days off.

Each of us in this rare disease community is reminded of that reality every day. Sam battles each and every day to do the simple things that we all take for granted. She spends a lot of time taking pills, at doctor’s appointments and at the lab, and unfortunately far too much time at the ER and in the hospital. This spring was particularly challenging for Sam when she developed autoimmune hepatitis, which disqualified her from the first ever clinical trial in APS Type 1. We are forever grateful to the incredible team at the National Institutes of Health for helping us navigate this devastating development.

Schedule of Events

7:00 pm: Red Carpet Arrival / Pre-Concert DJ

Come early to get warmed up for the main event, as the pre-concert song list will be epic. Blue Jeans are strongly and forever preferred, and sequins are encouraged. Ride the mechanical bull, if you dare.

9:00 pm: Super Diamond Takes the Stage

Enjoy your favorites and a few surprises as Surreal Neil “breaks the rules” and plays some non-Neil classics. Don’t be afraid to touch hands and reach out.

Buy Tickets

Concert tickets are now on sale. Tickets include food and 2 drink tickets. Click the button below to buy your tickets. If you’re not able to join us (boo), but want to support the cause, we welcome your donations. If you can join us (hooray), and want to give a little extra to the cause, we welcome your donations. We are eternally grateful for your friendship and support.

How your Support Helps

This fundraiser concert will support the work of the APS Type 1 Foundation and the community it serves by:

  • funding research grants to find a cure and treatments
  • supporting the 6th International Symposium on APS Type 1 in 2025
  • supporting the 2nd Global Research Conference in June 2024
  • shortening time to diagnosis
  • growing the patient registry (including hiring professional translators)
  • hiring a grant writer to expand our fundraising capacity
  • educating clinicians on best practices
  • supporting the mental health of patients and caregivers
  • and so much more

Act Now

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We are hoping to fill the room. Please invite your friends to join us for this important cause.


Every dollar truly makes a difference for our community. Thank you for your continued support.


We are beyond grateful for our generous sponsors. The progress is real and finding a cure is a reality.

Thank you for your support!

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