As we continue to expand and grow our foundation, we realize that we need and want to tap into the amazing talent in our community.   If you would like to get more involved, we are looking for two volunteer chairpersons to lead vital committees that are growing in our organization.   

  • Fundraising Chair – Are you passionate about our mission to find a cure and better treatments? Fundraising continues to be a critical part of our mission.  We need financial resources in order to carry out the foundation’s mission and expand our impact. Help us grow and sustain our fundraising efforts.  We’re looking to expand our reach through grass roots fundraising events within the community and through grant opportunities.  We need an individual who would like to channel their energy to capitalize on these opportunities and help to expand the overall footprint of our fundraising efforts as an organization.
  • Community Engagement/Communications Chair – Are you a social media whiz? Do you have the gift of gab? We need someone to work closely with our team to support our community engagement efforts by helping us to create a more comprehensive membership platform and through social media, newsletters, and other communication platforms.  

Sherri Seyfert will be the board point person for these two committee chair positions.  Chairs will also work closely with Marilyn Sloan, our executive administrator.  The roles would require attending a monthly meeting via Zoom, pulling together others within the community for support and feedback and preparing brief monthly reports to the board. We anticipate roughly 4 to 6 hours of work monthly.   If you have any interest in these roles, or would like to hear more about them, please reach out to

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