Dear Friends, Family and all APS Type 1 Supporters,

The words “Thank You” do not feel sufficient to express our sincere gratitude for your generous support of the APS Type 1 Foundation at “Forever in Blue Jeans for Genes” last month. Looking back on the event, we were overwhelmed to feel all the love in the room and to see you all having so much fun with us.  The night was as surreal as “Surreal Neil” himself.    A special thank you to Dr. Anderson and his wife, Laura, for joining us. Also, to Jade and Ally.

We are thrilled beyond expectations to report to you that we raised about $125,000.  As we promised, this money will make a real difference in our community.  The APS Type 1 Foundation is gearing up for its next scientific symposium in June, critical research will be funded, and the Foundation is looking to hire its first ever executive director to take its mission to the next level.

And, if anyone wants to join us at The Canyon Club to watch any band, ever, just let us know when and we will meet you there. 

Thank you for showing up; thank you for your support; thank you for your friendship; and thank you for a night we will never forget.    

-The Finch Nest

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