The Kaitlyn Lovett Memorial Christmas Tournament continues to give back!  They raised over $15,000 at last year’s tournament, which supported travel grants to attend our summer symposium for many of our families. Kaitlyn’s mother, Maureen Lovett, shared with the Foundation that it was important to Kaitlyn to positively impact the lives of those with APS Type 1. Kaitlyn visited Dr. Winer at the NIH several years before Dr. Lionakis’ study started. She told her parents that she realized her participation in research would most likely not benefit herself, but she was hopeful it would help those younger than her with the disease. She was selfless and giving, which is the meaning of the season and why a Christmas tournament in her memory is so very appropriate. Please consider supporting the Kaitlyn Lovett Memorial Christmas Tournament.   Thank you Lovett Family for your continued support of the Foundation!

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