Hydrocortisone tablets, which many in our community take on a daily basis to manage Addison’s disease, remain on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s shortage list. The shortage appears to be world-wide. We encourage you to monitor your medication supplies, for hydrocortisone and others, to ensure that you don’t run out and to start looking at other pharmacies who may still have supply of hand. 

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, one of the main manufacturers of the generic and brand name (Cortef) medication, is acknowledging shortages. Refer to the April 2020 letter from Pfizer’s Senior Medical Director with direct ordering information for your pharmacists and your prescribing physicians. Pharmacists and prescribing physicians can call Pfizer support a 800-533-4535 to directly order the brand name medication.

Below is a snap shot from the FDA’s website regarding the timing of resolving the shortages. While Pfizer’s generic medication is estimated to remain in short supply until March 2021, Pfizer’s brand name medication is available. And, Vensun Pharmaceuticals appears to have stock available. We encourage to check back often for updates.


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