APS Type 1 Family and Friends,

As we complete our first week at home of what looks to be a long Spring ahead, we hope you have settled into your new normal and that you are all safe, healthy, and surrounded by loved ones. The news continues to provide important information around how you can manage through this pandemic in your local community. The Foundation’s Board agreed to only share information that’s specifically tailored to those with medical conditions. Yesterday we received this video from our dear friends at the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF). Although not specific to our community, we thought the video by Dr. Kathleen Sullivan provided some interesting information around drug development, vaccines, and other educational information.  

We continue to have our APS Type 1 Community in our thoughts and prayers. Feel free to share with other zebras.

Stay safe and healthy!

Todd Talarico

President, APS Type 1 Foundation


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