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Friday Lunch Keynote Speaker: Gigi Robinson

Gigi Robinson will be a lunch keynote speaker. Gigi, a Gen Z social media influencer, was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome at age 11 and uses her chronic illness as fuel for her passion for advocacy. In her keynote, Gigi will discuss living life with a chronic illness, crucial communication skills, and mindset shifts that will offer a newfound perspective.
Closing Keynote Speaker’s Book Named a Finalist for Book of the Year

Meghan O’Rourke’s New York Times bestseller The Invisible Kingdom: Reimagining Chronic Illness has just been named a finalist for the National Book of the Year. Hear from Meghan at the closing session on Saturday. Meghan’s book draws on her own medical experiences as well as a decade of interviews with doctors, patients, researchers, and public health experts, and offers hope, solace, insight and a new understanding of our bodies and health.

Clinical Trials + Autoimmune Disease
Friday, October 21, 12:30 PM ET

Clinical trials are the lifeblood of medical innovation – without them, we wouldn’t have the incredible treatments that exist for autoimmune diseases on the market today. How do clinical trials work? How can you learn more and enroll in clinical trials to get access to the most cutting-edge options? Join us for “Clinical Trials + Autoimmune Disease” to learn from experts and hear firsthand from patients who have participated in clinical trials.

The Convergence of Nutrition and Complementary Medicine in Autoimmunity
Friday, October 21, 1:05 PM ET

Everyone has a suggestion for how to treat your disease. How do you know what’s safe and scientifically backed? Join us for “The Convergence of Nutrition and Complementary Medicine in Autoimmunity.” This expert panel will explore the impact of nutrition, the environment, and complementary medicine on autoimmune diseases and how these elements can factor into your treatment plan. 

Navigating Your Career and Autoimmunity
Friday, October 21, 1:45 PM

Living with an autoimmune disease can present unique challenges when it comes to making a living. Join us for “Navigating Your Career and Autoimmunity.”  In this session, you’ll hear from a recruiter who specializes in connecting the disability community with meaningful employers, and tips from an autoimmune patient thriving in the workforce.

The Future of Autoimmune Treatment
Saturday, October 22, 10:05 AM ET

What does the future look like for autoimmune diseases? Join us for “The Future of Autoimmune Treatment.” In this panel, you’ll hear about the future of autoimmune treatment across the healthcare ecosystem – from scientists working on basic autoimmune research in the lab and from leadership at innovative biotech companies developing new autoimmune treatments. 

Mental Health and Coping with Autoimmune Disease
Saturday, October 22, 1:20 PM ET

Living with a chronic illness can take a toll on your mental health. Join us for “Mental Health and Coping with Autoimmune Disease.” In this session, you’ll hear from experts who specialize in mental health for the chronically ill and learn tips for coping and prioritizing your mental health. 

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