We did it! Thanks to all the biking, running, hiking, tae kwan do, rock climbing, salsa dancing, house work, HIIT work outs, sailing, weight lifting, walking, CrossFit, yard work, hot yoga, rowing, pickleball, circuit training, swimming, stretching, cooking, trail running, pilates, surfing, and spinning that you AMAZING people logged, as a team we covered 1647.2 miles. AllenE biked to the top of the leaderboard at 89.5 miles. 

….. AND we raised $5,571.20 for vital research and patient support. A special thanks to our top fundraiser, Pushpa Rao, who raised $1,285.11.

Please enjoy the views from the peaks of every mountain we climbed together. Our race may have been virtual, but the impact is very real for the APS Type 1 community. Thank you for being a part of the journey.

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