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Fundraising for Research

We will continue to support our APS Restricted Grant with NORD that has provided critical research project funding specific to APS Type 1. The most recent project at UCSF has been focused on Neo-Natal testing that could ultimately help parents understand and treat this condition at birth.

Our goal is to continue to fund this type of research with the support of the Medical Advisory Committee at NORD that ensures the funding goes directly to the BEST project submitted.


We are currently working with a team of researchers to develop a fact sheet specific around how to manage and care for an APS Type 1 patient in an emergency. This could be something that is carried with the individual or driven into the medical community. The more physicians know how to recognize this disorder the earlier patients will be diagnosed and treated appropriately.


Your financial support helps us to maintain and update our website with critical patient information, the development of a proposed newsletter and Registry, and our bi-annual meeting where we bring patients, families, and researchers together to learn about the disorder and engage in research and outcome discussions.

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