Meet Ashley Harris, APS Type 1 mom and administrator of the Foundation’s Community Facebook page for friends and families with APS Type 1.

“Originally from San Antonio, TX, and currently living in Washington, D.C., my husband, Dave, and I met at the University of Alabama (Roll Tide) and have been living an adventurous and chaotic military life together for 28 years.  We have moved 15 times, lived in nine different states and the U.K.  We have 3 adult children, one who lives in D.C. and two who are attending the University of Alabama.  

Finding myself replanted in a new community every few years, I jump right in to whatever the need is in my current community, whether it be organizing military spouse and family activities, hosting gymnastics meets, volunteering as a school lunch lady or nurse’s aide, or being a docent for the US Air Force Academy chapel. Most recently, I completed her training to become an Arlington Lady.  The constants in my extensive volunteer work are mentoring and advocating for military families with exceptional needs. I am the social media director for the nonprofit organization, Exceptional Families of the Military, and I administer the Facebook group for the APS Type 1 Foundation.  

As is the story with many of the families facing a brand new APS Type 1 diagnosis, I felt utterly lost and alone when my child was diagnosed over a decade ago.  Eventually I found Todd, the APS Type 1 Foundation, and at the time, the somewhat new APS Type 1 Facebook group.  The support of the APS Type 1 family over the years has been phenomenal. When the opportunity arose to become an administrator of the Facebook group, I was thrilled to take it and help our APS Type 1 families whenever I can.  The APS Type 1 group is like a huge family, we all know each other, we know the struggles with this disease. For most of us, it’s the first place we turn when we have a question or concern. Someone is always there with an answer, a resource, or a shoulder to cry on. If you or a family member has been diagnosed with APS Type 1, you can join the group here

I hold a Bachelor of Science in human development and family studies with minors in social welfare and child development.  When I’m not wasting time on social media, I can usually be found reading a good book or binge watching DIY TV. ”  

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