Hosting your own dinner party is easy! Just invite a few friends over to kick back, enjoy a good meal and raise some awareness around APS Type 1.

We’ve put together a dinner kit inclusive of a few items that will make your party educational and most importantly, fun! All you have to do is download and print them out on your personal computer!

In the dinner kit you will find:


A donation letter with donation instructions and a warm thank you to your guests


An APS Type 1 Brochure for your guests to take away


A fun list of dinner party tips and tricks to hang on your fridge in preparation!


Colorful APS1 fact cards you can cut out and use as educational conversation pieces!

What to do after your party!

To ensure this campaign is a success, please don’t forget to follow up with your guest’s with a thank you email! We’ve included the website URL on the dinner kit items, but sometimes it’s more convenient to have the link right on the computer. Thank you again!

Copy and paste this email:

Hi Jane!

I can’t thank you enough for joining us yesterday at the Serving Awareness party.

If you have any questions at all, if you need the link for your donation, or if would like to become a host yourself you can do it all right here:

Thank you again!

Serving Awareness

Let’s serve up some awareness!

Have any questions?
Feel free to reach out to us!