APS Type 1- Celebrity!

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Hi Everyone, Hope this message finds you all well.

Had to share this link from NORD (National Organization of Rare Disorders)…proud Dad here! Can’t believe they decided to highlight APS Type 1!!

How about this for visibility for a disorder that affects 1 in 2 Million! Gaby is so cute!!!!!!!!! (Father’s opinion) Check out the link and then also hit the link under Gaby to get a more in-depth presentation on APS Type 1. We can’t say enough about the great publicity we have gotten from NORD around such a rare disorder like APS Type 1! It’s this kind of visibility that helps others, who have not been diagnosed, find answers! NORD also informed us that Gaby will be highlighted in the 2012 Rare Disease Campaign so mark your calendars for Feb 29, 2012. (Boo’s Birthday)

Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive in driving our research fund in 2011! This year we should pass $250,000 in funds raised and are preparing for our fourth research grant in 2012. If the holidays afford you some extra funds…don’t hesitate to make a donation to our Research Grant with NORD. You can find the link on our website www.apstype1.org

From our APS Type 1 Family…We hope you all have a happy and HEALTHY holiday season!

The Talarico’s