8th International Hypoparathyroidism Patient Conference

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Sacramento, California 06/05/14 – 06/07/14 01:00 PM

I wanted to give you plenty of notice if you’d like to attend. We’ve talked many times about “getting us all together” and I know most of us are East Coast based but I still wanted to offer an opportunity for the APS Group to attend next year’s HPTH Annual Event. I have spoken previously at this event and so have the Muehler’s.

This year they are working to get Dr Mark Anderson from UCSF to come and speak SPECIFICALLY about APS Type 1. (He and his team are the key drivers of our research through NORD) I think this would be a great opportunity for us to come together and use the HPTH Meeting as a way to begin to find annual or semi-annual opportunities for us to get together. (Thanks to Jim and his group) Heather and I and maybe Gaby will be attending this year since Jim has asked me to speak again.

So…look at the dates…if you don’t have a vacation planned for next year maybe a trip to the West Coast is in order. Please see link below…if you have any questions feel free to reach out to Jim or myself.

More information coming soon at: https://www.hypopara.org/event/8th_HPTH_Conf.html